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Hilbert map of Enemieslist coverage of the IPv4 PTR namespace

This is a Hilbert map of the coverage of IPv4 provided by the most recent build of the Enemieslist patterns dataset, broken down by /8, beginning with 0/8 in the top left and following the same layout as XKCD's map of the Internet. The black space is reserved (anycast at top right, 10/8 in the center of the top left quadrant, 127/8 at almost dead center) or empty (several DoD blocks scattered throughout). The other RFC1918 space is not marked as black, however, so just imagine a few black pixels in 192/8 at the bottom right of the top right quadrant, and 172/8, third up from the bottom right.

White squares represent those which are 100% classified. 73/8 is Comcast, one of the first /8s we fully classified. 48/8 is Prudential, with only 307 public PTRs (UPDATE: as of 11/16 the entire /8 is dark, no public PTRs at all), and 9/8 is IBM, with two, same as 25/8, the UK Ministry of Defense. 53/8 is Daimler AG, with 0 public PTRs. 56/8 is the US Postal Service. 6/8 is a US Department of Defense block, as are 7/8, 11/8, 21/8, 22/8, 26-28/8, 33/8, 55/8, and 214-5/8.

N.B.: as hosts are constantly changing, some variance in closure is to be expected.

The scale then steps down by 5% per gray level, then down to medium gray for between 50% and 60% coverage. Mouse over the map for a numbered view, and mouse out for a sparse view. (On mobile, click on the scale bar to toggle the numbered view). The /8 your mouse is over will highlight the proper indicator in the scale above.

Thanks to Jason Kottke for Silkscreen, the font used in both our logotype and in the overlay.